About us

1st Choice Inspection established in 1995, was a result of a home inspection gone bad!
The home inspector I hired missed so many things but it is your first house and you are just happy to get it.  I like many buyers was caught up in everything and did not pay attention to the details.
This expensive mistake made me realize I had more knowledge than the person I hired and I did not want anyone else to experience the same thing I did.  I knew I could put myself in the buyers shoes and could help by not making simple mistakes.
I learned many things about home building from my father and he deserved all the credit.  He taught me almost everything I know.  He built the house we grew up in and as a result I learned electrical, plumbing and general construction from him.
We rehabbed a few homes together and this inspired me to go into business for myself.
1st Choice Inspection was born knowing that I could help BUYERS by educating them on the decisions (good or bad) made with the purchase just made and discuss what issues if any they could live with.
I realized the most important part of any inspection is the time after the inspection
I do make myself available for questions, suggestions and ideas to improve the property at anytime.



This is about building relationships and people you can trust!
We are here to serve you.