80% of all Chimneys are BAD!

Let’s start with an easy questions. Have you ever had your chimney inspected? Probably not. Nothing is wrong. It works just fine. These are some very familiar comments when I ask the question.

Many chimneys have never been checked or inspected since the day it was built. I have found that in many cases they were not build corrected from the start. Other times people get the fire to hot and it causes damage to the flue of the chimney. Then again they also put in a high efficiency water heater and and not the CO2 gases never get out the top of the chimney and cause damage.

We can help. We will perform a level 2 inspection which includes a video /still pictures of the inside of the chimney to determine what damage is present. Then you can determine what you are willing to do to fix it.

Knowing that something is good is peace of mind and I would rather check and find nothing that to have the house burn down because I was trying to save a little money.


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