Electrical Panel Mapping

Why Is Labeling Your Panel Important?

When you have an electrical problem or emergency and need to shut off a circuit, you should be able to identify the controlling circuit breaker immediately by looking at the panel index. This is a list posted inside or near the main electrical service panel that identifies each breaker by number and position and tells you what areas of the home it controls. It should be affixed to the inside of the panel door, but you might find it stuck to the face plate, the front of the door of the panel, or even on the side of the panel. Proper indexing is more than a matter or convenience, it’s a matter of safety. It’s also code requirement, so it’s important to take it seriously.

What We Will Do?

We will trace all outlet and light circuits throughout the house and create a detailed index of each breaker in your panel, which you can print and attach to your panel cover. 

*This service is only available for vacant homes. As you can imagine, the owner of a home, who currently resides in the home, may not be so welcoming to us moving furniture and occasionally turning off the power to their home so we can trace and label the panel.