Replace your Furnace Filter

Furnace Filter replacement is done more than 1 time a year. For most It’s that time of year! You need to turn on your furnace because the nights are getting colder. The first time you smell the burning dust in the duct-work.

Change the filter! Don’t waste your money on the cheap horsehair filters that cost less than $2.00! Spend the extra money! $5.00 for a good pleated filter.

Fiberglass filters only catch large chunks of dirt in the air before the blower of the furnace pushes everything else back at you with the heat.

Typical filter sizes are 1, 2, 4 and 5 inches thick.

Depending on the thickness of the filter and if you have animals (i.e. dog or cat) determines how many times a year you should be changing the filter.

As an example: You have a dog or cat. Here are the times you change the filter based on the size of filter.

1in filter – monthly

2in filter – every 1-2 months

4in filter every 3-4 months

5in filter every 4-6 months

Don’t wait change your filter today!