Testing for Mold!

I just looked at a home that was only a few years old. The shower had a leak and the OSB had turned black. The homeowner has someone do a repair. You could push your fingers through the wood if you pushed hard enough. The solution was to re-caulk the floor to wall in the shower stall. This is a temporary fix and the tile joints are not going to hold.

Just because a contractor said it was fixed does not mean it was done correctly. In this case water has wicked up behind the tile 1ft from the floor. If left alone the walls will grow mold and the tile will eventually have issues.

My solution:

  • Test for mold to determine how much needs to be done.
  • Remove the tile floor of the shower and at least the first row of tiles
  • Take out the OSB floor.
  • Treat the floor joists and surrounding flooring by encapsulating
  • Install the Schulter System to guarantee it will never leak
  • If mold was found have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized

We can also help with a repair to determine if done correctly. If nothing else we might have a different solution to solve the problem.

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