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1st Choice Inspection, a leading home inspection company based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is the leading expert in new construction inspection service. This innovative service is designed to provide homeowners and property developers with comprehensive inspections during each phase of construction, ensuring that their investments are protected and up to code. With this latest offering, 1st Choice Inspection aims to set itself apart as the go-to provider of high-quality inspection services in the area.

The Importance of Construction Inspections

Construction inspections play a vital role in ensuring the safety, quality, and compliance of any new build. They help identify potential issues early on, allowing for corrective action to be taken before they become larger, more expensive problems. A thorough construction inspection can save property owners and developers significant time and money by preventing costly repairs or even legal disputes down the line.

Why Choose 1st Choice Inspection's Construction Inspection Services?

1st Choice Inspection has built a reputation for providing top-notch home inspection services in Waukesha and the surrounding areas. Their experienced team of inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every job, ensuring that clients receive the most accurate and detailed assessments possible. With this new construction inspection service, 1st Choice Inspection aims to further differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering:

  • List item 1 | A thorough inspection process that covers every stage of construction, from pre-drywall to final walkthrough

  • List item 2 | An emphasis on communication, providing clear and concise reports that outline all findings

  • List item 3 | A commitment to client satisfaction, offering post-inspection consultations to address any concerns or questions

  • List item 4 | Competitive pricing, ensuring that clients receive the best value for their money

Phases of Construction Inspections Offered by 1st Choice Inspection

To provide the most comprehensive service possible, 1st Choice Inspection offers inspections at various stages of construction. This approach allows clients to ensure that each phase is completed correctly and that any issues are addressed promptly. The phases of construction inspections offered include:

Pre-Drywall Inspection

The pre-drywall inspection takes place after the framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems have been installed but before drywall is hung. At this stage, inspectors can easily identify any potential problems with these systems and recommend corrections if necessary.

Final Walkthrough Inspection

Once construction is complete, a final walkthrough inspection is conducted to ensure that the property meets all building codes and quality standards. This thorough inspection covers every aspect of the new build, from structural integrity to cosmetic details. Any remaining issues or deficiencies will be noted in a detailed report provided to the client.

Warranty Inspection

For added peace of mind, 1st Choice Inspection also offers warranty inspections. These inspections take place near the end of a builder's warranty period, allowing homeowners to address any lingering issues before their coverage expires.

What Clients Can Expect from 1st Choice Inspection's Construction Inspection Services

Clients who choose 1st Choice Inspection for their construction inspections can expect an unparalleled level of service. From scheduling appointments to delivering reports, 1st Choice Inspection's team is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible. Some key aspects of their service include:

  • List item 1 | Flexible scheduling, with appointments available seven days a week

  • List item 2 | Fast turnaround times, with reports typically delivered within 24 hours of the inspection

  • List item 3 | Detailed, easy-to-understand reports that include photos and clear explanations of findings

  • List item 4 | Post-inspection consultations to address any questions or concerns

Whether you're a homeowner building your dream home or a property developer seeking peace of mind for your investment, 1st Choice Inspection's new construction inspection service offers the expert guidance and support you need. With their commitment to quality and comprehensive inspections, you can trust that your project is in good hands.

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ABOUT 1st Choice Inspection:

1st Choice Inspection

Michael Schwitzer

1st Choice Inspection: The Best Inspection Company in Waukesha, WI

When you're buying or selling a home, condo or commercial building it's important to have a thorough inspection done by a qualified professional. That's where 1st Choice Inspection comes in. We're the best home inspection company in Waukesha, WI, and I am here to help you make the best decision on purchase or sale.

Here are just a few reasons why 1st Choice Inspection is the best:

The owner, Michael Schwitzer, is certified and experienced. Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI), and a Certified Master Inspector® with 28+ years of experience inspecting homes, condos, and commercial buildings in Waukesha and the surrounding area.

1st Choice Inspection is thorough. Our inspections are comprehensive, and I look at every aspect of your home, condo, or commercial building from the roof to the foundation in Waukesha & surrounding communities.

A home and condo inspection includes an examination of the following:

  • Roof
  • Exterior walls
  • Foundation
  • Windows and doors
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • HVAC system
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Interior walls
  • Floors
  • Appliances

Commercial Inspections focus on the mechanical items within the building and also specific items at the request of the customer.

As the owner, Michael’s approach to business is based on customer satisfaction, As the ONLY professional and knowledgeable inspector who is also a LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT in the state. I will educate you on your new purchase and make sure you understand not only the inspection process but ways to improve it. I am happy to answer any questions you have.

We offer competitive rates and are on point.  If you are looking for a cheap inspector, you will need to go elsewhere.  The cheapest is never the best!

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Why Hire an Inspector?

There are many reasons to hire a home inspector when you are buying or selling a home. An inspection can help you:

  • Identify potential defects or problems with the home, condo, or commercial building
  • Make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the home, condo, or commercial building
  • Negotiate a lower purchase price if there are defects
  • Avoid costly repairs after you move in

What to Expect During a Home or Condo Inspection:

A home or condo inspection typically takes between 3 to 4 hours to complete. I will provide you with a written report that details my findings within 24 hours and usually the same day. The report will include a description of any defects or issues that should be addressed.

A commercial inspection typically takes longer and may require additional members of the team with specific specialties.

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If you're looking for the best inspection company in Waukesha WI, look no further than 1st Choice Inspection. We will help you make the best decision for your home, condo, or commercial building purchase or sale.

For more information about 1st Choice Inspection and their inspection services, email them at or call them at (414) 803-9678 to schedule an appointment.