Ozone Cleaning

When used properly high-concentrations of ozone neutralizes odors in a wide number of proven applications.

“Is it safe?” 

Yes. It is important to not breathe too much ozone for an extended period of time. This is why it is important to remain outside the treatment area during operation. The machine will run for 4-6 hours eliminating almost all the oxygen in the home. 

The home MUST remain empty without anyone in for a total of 6-8 hours.  (This includes all live animals)  But you need not be afraid of ozone. For most people (like me) it is possible to enter the treatment area for short periods of time during operation with zero negative effects. Ozone is not poisonous and it converts back to oxygen naturally. 

If you are exposed to too much ozone your body will tell you. Simply get to an area where you can breathe fresh air. Too much ozone may result in a slight discomfort to your senses. Don’t worry. Once you get back to an area of fresh air the discomfort quickly goes away.

Depending on the size of the home determines how many machines will be put in the home.