Pool Inspections

Swimming pool leaks typically come to light when a homeowner sees the level of their pool water dropping faster than usual. This isn’t at all uncommon. There are a multitude of reasons as to why pools lose water, and it isn’t always a leak. Sometimes equipment is malfunctioning. A bad check valve can cause a pool to run constantly, or not at all. A broken auto-fill valve can let a pool fill constantly, but sometimes it’s truly a leak.

Pools can leak from inside the pool shell. The bond beam of a pool can have a cold joint separation and water can escape from behind the tiles. A drain could have a bad seal or a crack in the skimmer could cause water to make its way out of the pool. Some pools crack, and those structural cracks cause water to leak out, often rapidly, sometimes just a slow drain over the course of days before it gets noticed. Regardless of how the pool is losing water, a proper pool leak detection, using LeakTronics equipment, will find those leaks accurately and a contractor can make repairs to stop that leaking forever.

If pipes run under the concrete or landscaping – if multiple skimmers, drains, or return fittings are causing questions, or even if the spa is dropping its level – using LeakTronics PoolScope and PipeMic are going to let me know where the leak is from inside the water, and the DeckPlate and Soil Probe are going to hear leaking pipes underground.