New Listing Inspection

Prior to Listing - Get a Home Inspection!

Know what issues you have with your home prior to listing it! Don't be surprised later when you have an offer and an inspector comes through only to find items that you could have taken care of before you list your home.

Property Details in the MLS

Example of a Property Overview from a listing

This property is "Well Maintained" all stone exterior, loads of space and large rooms throughout, including newer kitchen countertop, 3 bedrooms on the main floor, "New Furnace" and "Newer Roof".
What does that actually mean?
This is probably the worst overview of a home! It tells me nothing. What a seller believes and what is reality could be two different scenario's. If I would have been called prior to listing the property, things would have been much different.
Warped Pergo Flooring

Well Maintained - this is in the Eye of the beholder. Sometimes it is not actually true. Easy fixes eliminate the home inspector from thinking that the seller is hiding things when obvious items are wrong. The picture above is LVT tile that is curling and pulling apart. Use of a wet mop causes many problems. How about door jamb trim boards not square having gaps? Hardwood floors that have seen its better days that need to be refinished or fresh paint to freshen up a room.

Testing a Furance

New Furnace - What does it really mean when it's listed as "New".  If the furnace is older than 2 years - it should not be listed a new! Be honest and there is no need to even list it in the overview.

Moss on Asphalt Roof

New Roof - If the roof has streaks running down to the gutter, is covered in moss, or is cracking, curling or cupping, it should not be listed as newer. Even if the roof was installed in the last 5 years, it is only new the same year it was installed.

Call us today to do a Pre-Inspection!

We will provide you with the facts. You can then decide how to handle any issues found. Do not be surprised when issues pop up during the inspection process. Fix them before you receive an offer or it could cost you more than you think. Don't risk it and let it ride. Do the right thing and don't hide behind something that could be wrong thinking the inspector is not going to find it.

Good contractors are very busy. It is only the guy who is not busy who can take you right away. Most good contractors are booked out 2-6 months.