Does your deck have a proper footing? – Part 2

Wisconsin Deck Footing Code

Homeowners and contractors often build decks that do not meet the current standards set by the State of Wisconsin. When inspecting decks, we find that people often cut corners and believe that everything will be fine. One of the biggest mistakes people make is the footing size. They think that "it looks OK" and "it seems sturdy enough," but this is not always the case. We can help you verify if your footings meet the requirements and provide information on what could be done to correct any possible errors.

When hiring a home inspector, make sure they know the code and look for defects. You do not want someone falling off or getting hurt on your deck because it was not built correctly. Did you know that your insurance company may not have to pay a claim for a deck that was not built correctly?

As Wisconsin's only home inspector and licensed insurance agent, we know that decks built incorrectly are a problem. Construction defects are any improper, faulty, or defective construction work. They can cause damage to the building and may not be covered by your insurance policy.

The footings of a deck are an integral component of the deck, so it is important to do things correctly. According to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), the following are the footing requirements for decks in Wisconsin:

  • Footings must be below the frost line.
  • Footings must bear on solid ground below the frost penetration level or at least 48 inches below finished grade, whichever is deeper.
  • Footing sizes are listed in the Wisconsin code (Chapters SPS 320 to 325)
  • Footings must be able to support the weight of the deck and the people who will be using it.
  • Footings must be made of concrete.

If you want to know if your deck is built correctly or what it is going to take to fix it, give 1st Choice Inspection a call and we will inspect your deck. Choose the Best and Forget the Rest!