Waive The Home Inspection?

Waving the Home Inspection

You found your forever home and have the discussion with your realtor, "Should I waive the inspection or not?"

Many realtors provide a name or two to call for the home inspection.  Not knowing anything about the inspector you make the calls.  The first person who answer the phone usually gets the job.

Is this the right approach with only the information above.  Probably not...

1. Picking the cheapest inspector without thinking of the outcome.  This is one of the biggest investments you are ever going to make. Don't do it!

If you want the best, never pick the cheapest.  That's a simple fact.  I am not the cheapest and typically am higher priced than most because you get what you pay for.  28+ years of experience is worth more than what you are paying for the inspection.

2. The inspector is known to complete the inspection in 1/2 the time it normally takes an experienced inspector to complete.

The average home inspection takes about 3 hours. (2000 sq ft.) If the inspection is done in 2 hours or less, chances are things are going to be missed.  Important items will not be inspected and issues will not be found.

3.  The inspector has only been inspecting a year or two.

Hire an inspector who has been in inspection business for at least 5 years preferably 10. It takes about that long know what to do. Uncle Joe is not qualified.

Even today after 1000's of inspections, I can say I do not know everything but I do have more experience and knowledge than most.  If someone says they know it all run and pick a new inspector.

4. The inspector does only the minimum required (as stated in SPS131 of the Wisconsin Code)  for the home inspection.

EXAMPLE: Do you know the standard says "the inspector shall operate at least one window per side of a dwelling unit."  If your inspector only does the minimum required find a new inspector.  You should want someone who goes above and beyond the standards because it is your home and you should want to know as much about it as possible.

5. The inspector has minimal tools and only offers to do a home inspection.

As the home inspector if they use thermal imaging, check for carbon monoxide, radon and mold testing, chimney inspections, sewer scoping, ozone cleaning etc. then you know this inspector has invested in both his education and equipment.  You should want to work with someone who does this and not the guy who just started.

The home inspection is the most important part of the real estate transaction.  If the home has issues you should find out what they are.  If there aren't any issues that is good.

Now if you want the "Best Inspection" then I am the home inspector who will work for you.

My background speaks for itself.  I have been doing home inspections for over 28 years.  I have a BS degree and a MBA.  I am the only licensed insurance agent who is an inspector. I have taken every class to be a Certified Financial Planner. I currently own rental property and have flipped many homes.  I have done electrical, plumbing, siding, windows, roofing, drywall etc. and am here as a reference for you after the inspection.

If you want the best, choose the Best and forget the rest.  Call me today!