Sewer Scoping

Sewer Scope Inspection Service

Aside from the comprehensive home inspection, a sewer line should be considered one of the most important areas of the home to look at. Sewer line repairs and issues can be one of the most expensive fixes you can make to a home and knowing the lines condition before it becomes your responsibility is highly recommended. Our process involves sending a high definition camera down the sewer line through an access point in the home and following the line all the way to the cities main line. This covers the part of the sewer that is the homeowners responsibility.

When to book a sewer scope inspection

Every home can benefit from having a sewer scope performed. We have seen brand newly built homes with sewer line issues such as improper sloping away from the home, pipes that were not connected properly causing sewage to drain into soil and even a crushed line. This likely occurred from a large cement or construction truck drove over the area compacting the soil on top of the line. That being said, there are far a few between which will have any issues on a brand new home but our sewer scopes are highly affordable compared to any repairs needed, so it may be something to consider. Our recommendation is that every potential homeowner obtain a sewer scope inspection but if you are on the fence about the cost or need here are some guidelines for determining when you should get one:

  • Home is older – As the home ages the pipes have had more time to break down, develop root intrusion, and collect blockages.
  • Large trees – The more foliage and the larger the trees that are located on the property, the more likely roots have grown into the sewer line.
  • Well maintained? – If the home was well maintained it is an indicator that items which shouldn’t have been placed in the drain line were kept out (grease, non-biodegradable items, etc).