Warranty Inspection

11 Month Warranty Inspection

Why do a Warranty Inspection?

A warranty inspection is a crucial step in ensuring that your home is free from defects that may not have been apparent during the initial inspection. Home builders typically offer a 1-year warranty on their homes, during which time they agree to fix any defects that arise. However, it is important to note that some defects may not become apparent until after the home has been lived in for a period of time.

At 1st Choice Inspection, I believe that a warranty inspection is a vital component of home ownership. I will perform a full home inspection to identify any items that can be submitted with your warranty claims. Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easily if they are corrected in a timely manner, but if left unresolved or undetected, they may turn into costly repairs for you, the homeowner.

With a warranty inspection, you will receive an easy-to-read and understand report that is accessible in a PDF format. This report will detail any issues found during the inspection process, making it a great document to submit as part of your warranty requests. I recommend waiting until month 10 or 11 to schedule a warranty inspection, so you have some time to gather all the necessary paperwork to be submitted. Even if you had an inspection performed prior to closing on your home, it is still a good idea to get another in-depth look before your warranty expires.

I understand that sometimes problems in the home will become apparent only after living in it under normal conditions. Likewise, other issues may develop during the year covered by your warranty. That is why I am committed to performing a thorough inspection that will identify any potential issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

In conclusion, a warranty inspection is an important step in protecting your investment in your home. I am dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive inspection that will give you peace of mind and the knowledge you need to submit warranty requests with confidence. Contact us today to schedule your warranty inspection and ensure that your home is free from defects that could become costly repairs in the future.