Warranty Inspection

What is an 11 Month Warranty?

Home builders typically offer a 1-year warranty on their homes and agree to fix defects during this time frame. Don’t risk getting stuck paying for items that should have been covered by the home builder! Our inspectors will perform a full home inspection to identify items that can be submitted with your warranty claims. Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easy if corrected in a timely manner but, if left unresolved and/or undetected. may turn into costly repairs for you, the homeowner. Our easy-to-read and understand reports come with an option to view a PDF summary of issues found, which is a great document to submit as your warranty requests. We recommend waiting until month 11 to do this so you have some time to gather all paperwork to be submitted. Even if you had an inspection performed prior to close, it is a good idea to get another in-depth look before your warranty expires. Sometimes problems in the home will become apparent only after living in it under normal conditions. Likewise, other issues may develop during that year.